Israel is a lunatic state

With typical calm, Norman Finkelstein on Israel’s new status and how the world must now act:

We have to ask ourselves a simple, basic fundamental question.  Can a lunatic state like Israel be trusted with 2-to-300 hundred Nuclear devices, when it is now threatening its neighbours Iran and Lebanon with an Attack.  These are serious Issues…

One comment

  1. Hi. Perhaps we should look more tword how terrorism is created rather than pointing fingers at the poverty stricken who are merely trying to get some food and aid. the truth is very simple, if you starve someone to death perhaps they will attack you before they die. Seems simple to figure out who is creating terrorism, in fact bush said so himself, poverty creates terrorism. And so do weapons contractors aparrently. However, maybe the weapons contractors are meant to look guilty. Beware of _upac in your neighborhood as this too is a disease of the divide and conquer tactic. United we stand! Tupac falls forever silent as more and more people realize he is a fake art of war student.

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