Did you know: It is ILLEGAL to simply support Palestinians?

Giving aid to help Palestinians is now illegal in the US.  The legal system in the US have been oppressed to a point where charities offering aid and support are recognised as ‘terrorist’ groups:

View the video here


Have you had similar experiences then share it with us here.



  1. Good! It should be illegal to support the Palestinian Authority. The palestinian state elected Hamas who are nothing but Murdering Animal Terrorists. Hamas must stop the rockets or be stopped by force. If you hide or support terrorists and you are responsible for the consequences of the counterattack and resultant casualties But blood is what the terrorists want to fuel their sick and hopeless cause. And you want to feed those animals?

    1. That rich coming from a nation full of racist and murders, Go back to Europe I’m sure the European will welcome you with open arms….s

    2. Zionists scums will always be zionists racist fascist scums , and therefore you all are an un chosen parasites in this world..and deserve to be treat lik one treats cockroaches and vermins..e

    3. Funny how any org that’s not willing to kiss US ass is a terrorist org. For years the US whined and whined about free elections in Palestine. Finally they held free elections and elected Hamas. Since that’s not whom the US wanted elected and Hamas was not willing to kiss US ass automatically they are terrorist. Of course Ariel Sharon’s slaughter of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila (1982) was not terrorism but an act of Military strategy and heroism! Hamas was ELECTED the people spoke, the US may not like what the people of Palestine said but, Explain to me plz who died and made the US GOD. Oh right because the US has bigger weapons and more of them and no one strong enough to get in their face! They get to decide whom the Palestinians may elect! Same thing they are trying to do in Venezuela. The US doesn’t like Maduro so he shall not be allowed to serve, because the US is GOD and it gets to decide who may be elected! I can only pray Russia comes back as strong as they were before the breakup so that there will be someone to stand up to the US and Israel.

    4. If their property has been stolen from them, then they should be allowed to take it back, by any means necessary. Firing rockets into civilian populations is a perfectly appropriate strategy, one that the allied powers used heavily in the second world war. The Palestinian people are now using this strategy, to clear out invaders from their homeland. This is something that all freedom loving people should support, both with donations of money, and donations of bomb making materials.

  2. Are you flipping kidding me! Thats bloody stupid!
    What the hell people can bloody support who they damn well want to!

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