1. Hi

    I think your sodastream info needs updating. As far as I am aware the John Lewis chain that includes waitrose has stopped stocking Sodastream in protest of the Gaza events. I cannot say for sure about Waitrose but I am fairly sure about John Lewis.

    When we blacklist companies we must be dilligent in “unblacklisting” them when they cease trading or stocking Israeli goods – we must balance our actions in the light of how companies react otherwise it is a poor reward for their admirable stand in ceasing trading with Israel.

    I fully support your initiative – I am frustrated that there is not a huge global website dedicated to boycotting Israel. There is a very strong action at http://www.AVAAZ.org – currently 1.6 million signatures.

    Its time we broke through all the sickening Israeli propaganda.

    1. Israel was created as a land grab by the Brits and Americans.
    2. Palestinians do not have a sophisticated army so they fight their oppressors in their own land the only way they can – the US ensures Israel has the best fighting technology.
    3. If the Germans had won in 1945, I being a Brit might still be fighting their occupation force now – does that make me a terrorist?

    Israel should retreat back to the original boundaries circa the 1940’s and we must then persuade the Palestinians to peacefully accept the inevitability of an Israeli state – even if the history suggests it is unjust we cannot simply displace people to undo the wrongs of history – that is the same situation we faced in Northern Ireland – land grabs create awful complex problems that can never be solved completely and time can slowly heal the wounds.

    Britain, my country for its part should admit the desperate ills its land grabs have caused in displacing peoples in the USA, NZ, Australia and Palestine/Israel – its very uncomfortable for the western person but that does not change what has been done in the name of “civilisation” in less well informed times.

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