Turkey calls Israel a ‘terrorist’ over Gaza ship deaths

Turkey has warned that its relationship with Israel has been severely damaged after at least nine people died when troops stormed ships trying to break the Gaza blockade.

The Turkish government has long been Israel’s main regional ally but called the raid an act of state terrorism and has accused Israel of violating international law.

This is not the first time Turkey has acknowledged Israel as being a terrorist state.  Back in 2004 a similar state was made which I have below:

Turkish PM accuses Israel of practising state terrorism

The prime minister of Turkey, Israel’s closest ally in the Middle East, has accused Ariel Sharon of “state terrorism” against Palestinians and likened their treatment to that of Jews under the Spanish inquisition.Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comments to the Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, come after an international outcry over the killing of about 60 Palestinians, including many civilians and children, in last month’s military assault on Rafah in Gaza.

The army was also responsible for the widespread destruction of Palestinian houses in Rafah, which left about 1,600 people homeless. Yesterday, the military continued the demolitions, with more than 40 homes destroyed in Rafah camp this week.

Ha’aretz asked Mr Erdogan – who recently defined three kinds of terrorism: personal, institutional and state – if he believed Israel was practising “state terrorism.” He replied: “When you look at the structure of what has happened, how else can you interpret it?”

Mr Erdogan noted that Turkey had welcomed Jews driven out of Spain by the inquisition.

“Jews were the victims at that time. Today, the Palestinians are the victims, and unfortunately the people of Israel are treating the Palestinians as they were treated 500 years ago. Bombing people – civilians – from helicopters, killing people without any considerations – children, women, the elderly – razing their buildings with bulldozers.”

Turkey has long had close relations with Israel, including military and intelligence cooperation. In recent years Israeli arms manufacturers have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to Turkey, and the two countries agreed a multibillion dollar deal to ship water to the Jewish state.

The Israeli government was shaken last week by press reports that Mr Erdogan had instructed Turkey’s security establishment not to sign new weapons contracts and to scale down military and intelligence cooperation.

The government in Ankara has previously been critical of the Israeli assassinations of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and other Hamas leaders in Gaza, and said it believed Mr Sharon was not interested in a negotiated peace.

Mr Erdogan reiterated the point yesterday. “We are in favour of the peace process being regenerated, and the gov ernment of Israel has not contributed to our efforts to do so.”

The Israeli government did not respond directly to the comments. But the foreign ministry referred to a statement it issued this week after Mr Erdogan met the Israeli infrastructure minister, Joseph Paritzky, and asked what the difference wasbetween Palestinians who kill Israeli civilians and the Israeli army, which also kills civilians.

The foreign ministry described those remarks as unfortunate. “The blame for the standstill in the peace process can be placed squarely at the door of the Palestinian terrorist organisations, whose murderous actions have taken the lives of over 900 innocent Israelis in the last three and a half years,” it said.

“Turkey, a state that has itself suffered for many years from the cruel effects of terrorism, could be expected to show more understanding and solidarity for Israel’s struggle to defend itself.”


Smoke screen: Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes

As more and more heat is added to the recent Israel botch ‘pirate’ Gaza flotilla massacre and growing international pressure on Israel, Israel has started to do what it does best ‘information over-flow and false smoke screens’ to divert attention/pressure away from the real Gaza flotilla massacre.

Here we have an example:

Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes: security official

Normally you would never get a confession from a security official that Israel air force was attacked, such news is bad for the fragile Israel state, however under growing International pressure Israel is forced to invent smoke screens once again showing the world it is under attack from all sides.

No doubt Israeli warplanes were fired upon but making this headline news is rare.

The smoke screen story is as follows:

Lebanon’s military fired anti-aircraft artillery at Israeli warplanes that were flying over Lebanon, a senior Israeli security official said on Tuesday

“Our aircraft have been targeted by the Lebanese anti-aircraft guns while flying over southern Lebanon, and there was no damage,” the official who requested the anonymity told AFP.

A military spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Lebanon issues almost daily reports of Israeli violations of its air space, but its military rarely opens fire unless the planes fly within range of its guns.

The overflights violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended a devastating 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah militia, but Israel argues they are needed to monitor arms smuggling. [source]

The fact remain, Israel is committed act of state terrorism on innocent people in International waters, growing pressure on the fragile state of Israel has forced it to confuse the reality with ‘information over-flow’ – where Israel officials and spokes people have fabricated stories and made various different versions of stories about Gaza flotilla massacre.  Israel does this so people (like me and you) hear many different versions and confuse the real story with the fabricated ones hence less attention is given to the reality.  Israel is responsible for this massacre and pirate opperation on innocent people in International waters.

Israel is a irresponsible state and a terrorist state (as acknowledge by Turkey) and should be held fully accountable for every single death and injury to either Gaza Flotilla Charity operation and for every single Palestinian who have suffered and continue to do so.


Israel: 10 killed in Gaza flotilla massacre



Shock and outrage sweep through the world over a deadly Israeli strike on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla as protests erupt across the globe in condemnation of the attack.

On Monday, both foes and allies of Tel Aviv across the world closed ranks by condemning the early Monday raid on the six-ship Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which reportedly left some 20 people killed, mostly Turk nationals, and scores wounded.

In Turkey, hundreds of angry protesters took to the streets of Istanbul and gathered in front of Israel’s consulate, shouting anti-Israeli slogans.

Also in the Turkish capital, Ankara, police struggled to contain hundreds of outraged demonstrators outside the residence of the Israeli ambassador.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Jordanian capital Amman, urging the government to shut down the Israeli embassy. The furious protesters also called for an end to the years-long Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Both Jordan and Turkey summoned the Israeli ambassador over the lethal attack.

In Kuwait, the parliament has held an emergency meeting over the Israeli raid on the Gaza aid fleet, which was carrying 16 Kuwaitis including an MP, the official KUNA news agency reported.

Iraq has also slammed the attack as a “new humanitarian disaster.”

Khairallah al-Basri, a member of current premier Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law coalition, however, said the attack was not “unique” as such “shameful” Israeli crimes occurred every once in a while amidst global silence.

Arab League chief Amr Moussa had earlier slammed the raid as a “crime”, saying the 22-country body was consulting to decide on its next step against Israel.

In Europe, condemnations were equally swift, as Sweden, Greece, Spain, Denmark and Norway summoned Israeli envoys.

According to al-Aqsa television, at least 20 people were killed and 50 others injured when the Israeli navy stormed the Gaza Freedom Flotilla early on Monday. The convoy was intercepted in international waters, some 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. [source]

See Videos below:

Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Not Just another Middle East Crisis

Israel said it will not allow this current flotilla to reach Gaza. (FreeGaza.org)

The U.S. corporate media have provided little coverage on some important happenings in the Middle East during the past 18 months. You might ask what’s the big deal — bad stuff happens there all the time and it doesn’t concern me. In this case, recent events have the potential to create an international crisis in the coming days. Before getting to the possible explosive situation, we first need some background information.

One key event is that Gaza has become a flash point in the relations between Turkey and Israel. In a dramatic reversal, Turkey has moved from close relations with Israel to being quite critical of Israeli policies, particularly of those against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. For example, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan labeled Israeli actions in Gaza during its December 2008 attack a “crime against humanity”.

Taking a longer-term view, Erdogan also said: “Civilians and children are dying in Gaza. Those who keep their silence over these attacks out of whatever concern or for whatever diplomatic reason, will pay the price before history.” His statements offered quite a contrast to the tepid and shameful position taken by U.S. officials.

In addition, Erdogan has identified Israel as the principal threat against peace in the Middle East. He also backed the adoption of the Goldstone Report that called for an independent investigation of Israeli and Hamas war crimes. Although most of the countries around the world agreed with this position, the U.S. and a few other nations opposed an independent investigation of the war crimes charges.

To put it mildly, none of Erdogan’s comments have endeared him to Israeli officials.

In addition, the Turkish Prime Minister has said that it is a priority for him and Turkey to lift the unjust siege on Gaza. Israel has maintained this siege since 2007 and, combined with the devastation caused during the Israeli attack, Palestinians are merely surviving, not really living. Israel has not allowed materials into Gaza for rebuilding and it allows just enough food in to prevent the Palestinians from starving.

This past January Turkey strongly supported the Viva Palestina convoy’s effort to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. The convoy of over 500 international humanitarian activists was able to deliver more than 150 vehicles carrying medicine and other aid to the besieged Palestinians. Arriving in Gaza was a major accomplishment, but the aid that the convoy brought in was a drop in the bucket compared to the need.

In early May of this year, John Ging, Head of United Nation’s Relief and Works Agency in the Gaza Strip, said: “We recommend the world send ships to the shores of Gaza, and we believe that Israel would not stop these vessels because the sea is open, and many human rights organizations have been successful in previous similar steps, and proved that breaking the siege on Gaza is possible.”

Currently eight ships from several nations including Turkey are doing just that. These ships, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, have as their goal to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Israel has said that it will not allow this current flotilla to reach Gaza, and it will use military means if necessary to stop the ships.

Two key points are: 1) the Turkish ship will be flying the Turkish flag; and 2) Turkey is a member of NATO. What might happen if Israel were to attack a Turkish flagged vessel carrying humanitarian aid in international waters? The precedent has been established that an attack on one NATO member state will be viewed as an attack on NATO. How would NATO respond to an Israeli attack on a Turkish flagged vessel? Even if the Turkish ship were not flying its flag, how would the world respond to an attack on unarmed vessels carrying humanitarian aid in international waters?

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is now on its way and is scheduled to reach Gaza this week. Since the U.S. corporate-dominated mainstream media seem to be ignoring this issue, go to freegaza.org or to international media for updates on this looming crisis. There is still time for Israel to avoid an explosive situation by simply complying with international law and honoring its responsibilities to the Palestinians. Unfortunately it is doubtful that Israel will do so.

[source – Ron Forthofer]