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Smoke screen: Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes

As more and more heat is added to the recent Israel botch ‘pirate’ Gaza flotilla massacre and growing international pressure on Israel, Israel has started to do what it does best ‘information over-flow and false smoke screens’ to divert attention/pressure away from the real Gaza flotilla massacre.

Here we have an example:

Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes: security official

Normally you would never get a confession from a security official that Israel air force was attacked, such news is bad for the fragile Israel state, however under growing International pressure Israel is forced to invent smoke screens once again showing the world it is under attack from all sides.

No doubt Israeli warplanes were fired upon but making this headline news is rare.

The smoke screen story is as follows:

Lebanon’s military fired anti-aircraft artillery at Israeli warplanes that were flying over Lebanon, a senior Israeli security official said on Tuesday

“Our aircraft have been targeted by the Lebanese anti-aircraft guns while flying over southern Lebanon, and there was no damage,” the official who requested the anonymity told AFP.

A military spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Lebanon issues almost daily reports of Israeli violations of its air space, but its military rarely opens fire unless the planes fly within range of its guns.

The overflights violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended a devastating 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah militia, but Israel argues they are needed to monitor arms smuggling. [source]

The fact remain, Israel is committed act of state terrorism on innocent people in International waters, growing pressure on the fragile state of Israel has forced it to confuse the reality with ‘information over-flow’ – where Israel officials and spokes people have fabricated stories and made various different versions of stories about Gaza flotilla massacre.  Israel does this so people (like me and you) hear many different versions and confuse the real story with the fabricated ones hence less attention is given to the reality.  Israel is responsible for this massacre and pirate opperation on innocent people in International waters.

Israel is a irresponsible state and a terrorist state (as acknowledge by Turkey) and should be held fully accountable for every single death and injury to either Gaza Flotilla Charity operation and for every single Palestinian who have suffered and continue to do so.